About Crush Metals
Join the revolution, recycle all metals.

Best source for Non-ferrous and Ferrous products

Our purpose is to provide the best brokerage & trading services to our scrap metal recycling partners and clients.

Crush Metals purchases all types of metals (ferrous and non-ferrous) across the United States.

We buy from the best metal recyclers of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

including HMS 1 & 2, Steel Shred, machine steel, aluminum, plating equipment, carbide, copper, brass, insulated copper, and wire.

10Year of Success
We invite our industrial partners and public customers to join us and become part of the CRUSH METALS team.


For our domestic scrap metal recycling partners, we deliver competitive prices, immediate payment, extraordinary value, and competitive outlets for all types of recycled material. For our clients overseas we promise prompt delivery, quality products, and integrity in all of our services

What makes Crush
& Metals unique?

Become an industrial partner with crush metals.

We have a long history of relationships with scrap vendors. We share strong relationships with furnaces, mils, smelters, and foundries, supplying these important partners with the highest quality scrap metal within the industry. We expect our partners to implement the best and most current techniques for separating and processing scrap metal so that our products have consistent quality.

A belief in HONESTY with the experience that counts.

A record of SUCCESS in the scrap metal brokerage industry.

A delivery of SUPERIOR products that our customers expect.

A standard of INNOVATION and INTEGRITY within all of our business relationships.

A purpose driven business model that is focused on COMPETETIVE prices for our partners.

A purpose driven business model that is focused on COMPETETIVE prices for our partners.

Founded in 2009
What We do

Scrap Metal Recycling

Our company motto is: Pride, Passion, and The Pursuit of Metals.
Our firm started as a metal recycling buyer and broker.


Over the years we developed long lasting connections and relationships with the largest suppliers of shred, steel, HMS 1 and 2, and other steel products in the United States. Crush has opened up major global markets for U.S. Companies to expand their sales and marketing possibilities.


We buy aluminum, brass, carbide, cobalt, copper, copper 1 and 2, electric motors, lead, titanium, zinc, and stainless steel. Contact us to become part of the Crush Metals team.


Providing the Best Global Industry Services

Coal Exports

Crush Metals handle a wide range of coal shipments from the United States to China. Our firm specializes in large, dry bulk shipments. We export the following types of coal from mines in the United States:

Illinois Basin Coal

Steam Coal

Coking Coal


Selling to Crush Metals

Sell At The Best Price.

CRUSH METALS partners with smelters, manufacturers, and end users from the United States and Internationally. Most of our clients are located in Asia and India.

We are constantly aware of ever changing market conditions. Our scrap metal recyclers expect top dollar for their metals. Our promise is to provide you with the best prices when you choose to sell scrap metal to us.


CRUSH METALS buys all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We buy partial shipments. We buy mixed loads.

CRUSH METALS has the best consumer markets for scrap metal. This permits us to pay competitive prices.

Contact us to become an Industrial Partner. We know you will be with us for the years to come.

Buying From Crush Metals


We have large networks of scrap metal suppliers within the United States. Our steady flow of metals means that we can better serve your needs. We are always up to date with the latest scrap metal trends and prices. Our promise is to provide our end user buyers and clients with the exact metals they need.

Our buyers are international and domestic partners. CRUSH METALS is committed to customer satisfaction and developing loyalty and long lasting relationships.



Prime Mover.

A full service scrap metal brokerage corporation.
The logistical team at CRUSH METALS will move metals from anywhere in the United States. The industrial experience required to move metals from the United States to overseas partners is significant. We can EXPORT from anywhere in the United States in an efficient and cost-effective manner.



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Brokerage & Trading

Brokerage and trading activities at CRUSH METALS deal with all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We arrange for transportation and logistics of all scrap metal pick up and deliveries.

We will pick up any type of scrap metal load from our client’s recycling yard. Our regional trading offices are located throughout the entire United States and operate on a daily basis by monitoring prices, changes in the marketplace, foreign markets, and supply and demand.

Exporting Is Our Business.

A full service scrap metal brokerage corporation.

What sets CRUSH METALS apart from the others is our emphasis on maximizing customer return.
We work with our customers to:

Expand their business and sales to overseas clients.

Providing services to industrial, commercial and individual clients nationally and internationally.

We have an international network of clients in the scrap market.

Our business is to provide each customer with the best prices and competitive outlet to sell their scrap metal.

CRUSH METALS is committed to metal brokerage and trading. Our market of suppliers is recyclers in the USA who generate ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

We handle mixed loads of all grades of non-ferrous metals.

Management Profile

Robert L. Sirianni, Jr.

As CEO of CRUSH METALS for North American activities, Mr. Robert Sirianni oversees all operations of the business, including Acquisitions & Investments. He also serves on the Company’s board of directors. He concentrates on all areas of scrap metal recycling, including ferrous and non-ferrous metal purchasing and brokerage. Mr, Sirianni’s core philosophy is to keep and maintain an honest relationship with all business partners, coupled with responsible environmental services in the scrap metal recycling industry.

Previously, Mr. Sirianni was the founder of a metal recycling company located in Central Florida. He was responsible for all start-up operations as well as forging relationships with industrial partners and clients for scrap metal recycling.

Mr. Sirianni joined CRUSH METALS, INC. in Orlando, Florida in 2010. In addition to his legal and business experience, he held a variety of leadership and operational roles throughout his career.

Mr. Robert Sirianni holds a B.A. degree in political science from Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, a J.D. from the University of Denver College of Law, Denver, Colorado, and a M.B.A. from Rollins College – Crummer School of Business, Winter Park, Florida, specializing with a concentration in finance. Mr. Sirianni also attended the University of London as well as George Mason University School of Law where he studied law and economics.

Pride, Passion and the Pursuit of Metals

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